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Health Product Bundle (Release + Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk)

Health Product Bundle (Release + Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk)

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The Release, Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk Template is for companies that sell health-related products. It disclaims liability for an individual’s use of those products, states that the product is not a substitute for medical/healthcare advice or services, and states that the user of the health-related product assumes any risk of injury while using the product.

Your Terms of Use is your contract with anyone who visits your website. It explains your refund and payment policies, protects your intellectual property, and spells out how and where any disputes are handled. Most importantly it disclaims liability for the information and products on your website.

A Privacy Policy is legally required and necessary if you run Google or Facebook ads. Your Privacy Policy tells your users when your website collects user information; what types of information are collected; how the website uses and discloses user information; and how the website protects user information.


  • Reviewed by 5 Attorneys. This template was prepared and reviewed by licensed attorneys. Five lawyers edited this document before it passed to your hands.
  • Word and PDF Format. You will receive one download in PDF and Word format immediately upon purchase – just fill in the blanks.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. All of our contracts come with lifetime updates. If we update the contract, we will send you the updated version.
  • Important Details (Release, Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk)

  • Disclaimer of liability for company/individual’s use of health-related products;
  • Limitation of liability that company/individual will not be liable for any damages arising out of the misuse of the product;
  • Assumption of risk of using the product
  • Indemnity
  • Details as to how and where disputes are handled (mandatory mediation before filing suit to discourage litigation)

  • Important Details (Website Terms of Use)

  • Summary of how users may use the website, its content, and any user account
  • Description of the Company’s ownership of intellectual property
  • Tells users that content can only be used for personal use (i.e. not shared or for a commercial purpose).
  • DMCA-compliant copyright infringement notice
  • Product fees, payment and refund policies
  • Recurring subscriptions and chargeback clauses
  • Description of how third-party website links and services are handled
  • General disclaimer, warranties disclaimer, earnings disclaimer, third-party disclaimer, technology disclaimer, assumption of risk.
  • Limitations of liability, and details as to how and where disputes are handled

  • Important Details (Privacy Policy)

  • When the website collects user information
  • What types of information are collected by the website
  • How the website uses and discloses user information
  • How the website protects user information
  • Other legalese to make the Privacy Policy compliant with California and EU Privacy Laws ( CalOPPA, EU + UK GDPR, and COPPA).


  • Release of Liability, Disclaimer and Assumption of Risk - PDF & Word
  • Website Terms of Use - PDF & Word
  • Privacy Policy - PDF & Word; Video User Guide
  • User Guide - PDF


Anyone selling a health-related product.

Anyone with a commercial website (i.e. anyone who has a website and sells anything).


  • You want to protect your company from liability while selling a health-related product and disclaim any risk in using a health-related product;
  • You need both a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your website to be legally compliant and protected;
  • You want to limit your liability and the Terms of Use is where you do this;
  • Purchasing the bundle saves you $155


Due to the immediate, direct access to the digital templates, we do not offer a refund of any kind. Please read the details and description of each program and product so you understand exactly what is included in each template. If you have any questions, please contact and we can help you find the product that’s right for you.

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