If you are an influencer, you need a contract with any brand paying you that sets forth how often you as the influencer must post, what hashtags, tagging, highlights, and discount codes are necessary for any posts, what happens when a brand requires revisions to posts, and a timeline for deliverables, plus relevant FTC compliant language. The Brand-Influencer Agreement is perfect for the influencer who wants to make sure her bases are covered when signing on with a brand. The Disclaimer Bundle provides the legal language that is necessary for any affiliate relationship where an Influencer promotes a Brand in exchange for compensation.

Everything you need

  • Brand-Influencer Agreement
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Website Privacy Policy

“Before having a contract, I was used to having brands pay me on their own terms months after agreed-upon dates. Brands used to expect me to provide more than we agreed to do, and now that I use a contract I don’t have to have awkward conversations about what’s expected.”