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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

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The Non-Disclosure Agreement is for anyone who wants to protect their confidential information from disclosure. “NDAs” are often used by companies when they bring on independent contractors or consultants, or when they want to discuss their business operations with individuals without worrying about someone taking this knowledge to competitors or using it improperly. This contract includes a definition of confidential information and describes what the party receiving confidential information is allowed to do with it.


  • Reviewed by 5 Attorneys. This template was prepared and reviewed by licensed attorneys. Five lawyers edited this document before it passed to your hands.
  • Word and PDF Format. You will receive one download in PDF and Word format immediately upon purchase – just fill in the blanks.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. All of our contracts come with lifetime updates. If we update the contract, we will send you the updated version.
  • Important Details.

  • Definition of “Confidential Information,” including what is included and excluded.
  • A provision stating the party’s duty to destroy or return confidential information after the contract term
  • All the other necessary legalese that makes your contract a good contract, including disclaimers, limitations of liability, and details as to how and where disputes are handled


  • Non-Disclosure Agreement - PDF & Word
  • User Guide - PDF


Anyone who wants to protect confidential information.


  • Be able to consult with potential employees or hire employees with peace of mind knowing that your confidential information will stay confidential
  • Spell out what happens if a party breaches their duty of confidentiality
  • Have one contract that you easily customize for various individuals


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