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Graphic Design Bundle

Graphic Design Bundle

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The Graphic Design Agreement is for graphic designers who want to create clear expectations and guidelines for their clients. This contract includes an outline and timeline of deliverables and payment, and spells out what happens in the case of client delay.

The Independent Contractor Agreement is for anyone who is hiring a 1099 contractor, freelancer, or consultant. This contract includes an outline of services provided, a timeline for payments, provisions regarding how taxes will be paid and how out-of-pocket expenses are handled, clauses to protect intellectual property and confidential information, and a non-solicitation clause to prevent independent contractors from taking current employees or clients.

Your Terms of Use is your contract with anyone who visits your website. It explains your refund and payment policies, protects your intellectual property, and spells out how and where any disputes are handled. Most importantly it disclaims liability for the information and products on your website.

A Privacy Policy is legally required and necessary if you run Google or Facebook ads. Your Privacy Policy tells your users when your website collects user information; what types of information are collected; how the website uses and discloses user information; and how the website protects user information.


  • Reviewed by 5 Attorneys 2 Graphic Designers, 2 Employers. These templates were prepared and reviewed by licensed attorneys. Five lawyers edited this document before it passed to your hands. The Graphic Design Agreement was reviewed for industry-specific scenarios by two graphic designers. The Independent Contractor Agreement was reviewed by 2 employers.
  • Word and PDF Format. You will receive one download in PDF and Word format immediately upon purchase – just fill in the blanks.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. All of our contracts come with lifetime updates. If we update the contract, we will send you the updated version.
  • Important Details.

  • Schedule of payment and deliverables
  • Client responsibility expectations and what happens in the event of client delay
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property provisions
  • All the other necessary legalese that makes your contract a good contract, including disclaimers, limitations of liability, and details as to how and where disputes are handled


  • Graphic Design Agreement - PDF & Word
  • Website Terms of Use - PDF & Word
  • Privacy Policy - PDF & Word
  • Privacy Policy Video User Guide
  • Independent Contractor Agreement - PDF & Word
  • User Guide - PDF


Graphic Designers


  • Make sure you get paid on time by having a clear payment schedule and timeline of deliverables
  • Set forth expectations for client feedback and state how designer revisions to deliverables are handled
  • Have one contract that you easily customize for various clients


Due to the immediate, direct access to the digital templates, we do not offer a refund of any kind. Please read the details and description of each program and product so you understand exactly what is included in each template. If you have any questions, please contact and we can help you find the product that’s right for you.

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