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Set up to Scale

Set up to Scale

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In this 60-minute boot camp, I’ll be covering:

  • The exact legal docs you need to scale your biz to 7 figures (goodbye money & energy leaks, hello safety!) 

  • The must-have contract terms for hiring your dream clients & to protect you in every decision/ transaction you make! 

  • How to find out if your business name is legally available (say hello to your 7-figure brand that no one can imitate & that no one can steal!) 

  • How to protect your intellectual property and work from being copied (you can’t scale what you don’t own!) 

  • What you need for a legal website (no fines or lawsuits over here!) 

  • How to protect yourself against chargebacks, defamation, and nonpayment (because you deserve to keep ALL the money you earn!)

  • And more!

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